Power of Goals

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You must have wondered how a most depressed country has been leading in the world in just a few years. SECRET is in last but you DON't have to read the story before you get the secret.

🏯Japan before 1950

Before 1950, Japan got depressed because of the nuclear attacks done by the USA in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The situation was so depressed that people of the country left trusting their country.

🙄Japan in 1950

Whenever bad situations come, God send some people for help.

Some mental people decided to change the country situation and made a Goal of making Japan no.1 in the textile industry in just next 10 years.


Japan was damaged so badly that the soil in Japan got unfertilized. But God helps those who have goals.

Japan was no.1 in the textile industry in 1960.

😲Japan 1960

Mental people did not stop and have made Goals again.

It was to make Japan no.1 in the steel Industry. The twist was that Japan didn’t have any Iron core 🥄.

But again in 1970, Japan was no.1 in Steel Industry.

🤔Japan 1970

Now, mental people have made the Goal of making Japan no.1 in the Automobile industry.

After 11 years, it became 🥇.


In the end, there was a secret behind the success of Japan.

That was Goals (with a deadline).