How to resolve conflict with MODAL

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Many people find it difficult to resolve relationship conflicts. But in this blog, you will learn how to do it with a model.

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Step 1️⃣:

You have two options if you fight with anybody. Either Yes or No.

If you said Yes, then both with escape and ignore each other. This is a lose-lose situation.

Step 2️⃣:

If you said No to step 1 then the fight will happen. This is a win-lose situation where only one person can win.

Step 3️⃣:

What if you said no to step 3, then one will give up the conflict. This is also a situation where only one person can win.

Step 4️⃣:

Now if both get tired and they call the third person. Both of them will lose.

Step 5️⃣:

What if you said no in step 4. Now both will compromise. Here both can win or lose.

Step 6️⃣:

This is the thing that only 5% of people do. They talk with the person. No one else is included.


You now know what can you do to achieve success in the relationship.

Thanks for reading this blog.

This is inspired by Harshvardhan Jain