How to resolve Relationship conflicts

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If you think that you are doing wrong in a relationship then you are in the right blog! Because of this, you will learn in this blog why you are doing wrong in a precious relationship.

If you know why you are doing wrong. You get 50% of the problem solved.


One day Jhon C. Maxwell went to his friend's house. His friend was rich but his relationship with his wife was at a stage of divorce.

John C. Maxwell asked his friend, what percent was his responsibility in his relationship.

He said 50% mine and 50% my wife.

🌪️Twist Comes…

John C. Maxwell said that this is the problem. He was only taking 50% responsibility but not 100%.

His friend asked but what my wife will do then if I take hundred percent responsibility.

John C. Maxwell said “you don’t need to know his responsibility, just take 100% ownership”


If you are in a relationship. Take 100% ownership and don’t think about others’ responsibilities.

😠Don’t Like vs 🤬Hate

If you don’t like somebody, that’s OK. But don’t hate them.

🤔But why…

Because you cannot hate somebody without hating yourself.

This was accidental to me but I learned it the day before writing this blog.

Thanks for reading this blog. So, go and change your mind and heart.

This blog will tell you how to resolve conflicts --