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This is a well-spread quote that “you don’t create your future but your habits do”. But many people face problems to form or changing their existing habits. But these habits will expose the truth. Before we talk about how to form habits. We have to discover how habits work.


Let's suppose, you saw a chocolate🍫 and then you thought about its melody. After some time, you could not stop yourself and opened the wrapper, eat it. When you eat it you get a great feeling of sugar.

😶But wait…

This is one side of reality. What happened was that you had a cue first (i.e. you saw the chocolate).

Then you thought about the chocolate. This means you had a craving.

After some time, you went and opened the wrapper. This was the response.

When you eat the chocolate, you had a great feeling, that was your reward.

This means you had a four-step process.

Cue → Craving → Response → Reward


Now, you just have to use the above process and see the tips given 👇.

Tip1: 👀Obsessive

You saw the chocolate. Right?

No, you saw it because it was there. So that means if you see a thing you may get attracted to it. So, here comes the next tip.

Tip 2: 😍Attractive

You crave the chocolate, not because you saw it but because it was attractive. But why am I saying that? because you see many things in a day but only some attract you.

Tip 3: 😁Easy

What if the chocolate was far away from you? You are thinking right! You will never take it because it’s hard.

Tip4: 🎁Reward

Now, this is the most important part as it will decide if you make it a habit or a one-day practice. What if you didn’t get the reward that is a beautiful melody. You will never take it again if you didn’t satisfy with it.

😊In the end…

We can say that if you want to make any habit. Just practice the above habits. (📦Bonus) But what if you want to break one. Just do the opposite.


If I want to get into a habit of reading. 1️⃣I can just keep the book at the place where I can see it every day. 2️⃣After it, I have to take that book which attracts me the most. 3️⃣Now, I just have to keep it near me or ⚠️otherwise, I will never read it. 4️⃣This will decide whether I make it a habit or not. I will just reward myself.

But you should be clear that the reward should never be the opposite of the task. For example: If I reward myself with a bar of chocolate after coming from the gym. That task is not worth it because of that reward.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you get to know many things. If you want to learn more, you can buy Atomic Habits