3 superpowers of laughing: Why laugh

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You must have heard ‘Laughing’ is the best thing to do that only human can do. But you may not laugh. But this blog is written to tell you ‘Why to laugh’.


Laughing is the best medicine moreover it’s free. But how…

  1. The digestion process gets improved.
  2. Laughing for some times reduces the calories that some time of cycling does.
  3. Your body gets a full oxygen supply.
  4. More antibodies are formed in your body.
  5. Chances of heart attacks decrease.
  6. Body excretion system muscles get stronger.


When you laugh, both side of the brain gets activated. It enhances your creativity which is without laughing is difficult. Other benefits…

  1. Your mind relaxes
  2. You are positive
  3. You can enjoy your work


Have you ever seen any Successful person being sad? You will find them smiling. Because they know…

Laughter increases Success

other benefits…

  1. You get out of anxiety.
  2. You remove the fear of failure
  3. You focus on work
  4. You are more connected to nature

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope, you may have found this blog interesting and useful.