Best way: How to beat fear and anxiety forever

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Every person going 0 to Hero has some fear. It is good sometimes but often it is your obstacle that is making you procrastinate or not do things. So, the question comes how to beat it.

😇Good Vs 🤕Bad

There are two types of fear. One is good and another is bad. So, let’s learn how to divide them.

😆Physical Fear

Take a situation in which you are falling from a mountain and have a fear that you will die.

It is a good fear because it is important to have it.

😨Psychological Fear

In this kind of situation, you will think you would never get Success. But this fear is not real. So make it weak and destroy it.

❓But How…

The simple way to beat it is to make your friend. 😵But why…

Because if you make it your friend, then you will do positive action instead of beating him, that is a negative action. To do this, you have to try self-talking.

Self-talking is to talk with ourselves.

🤔But other methods…

You can also try some other methods for beating it. But for me, friendship was best.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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