How to be Millionaire before you die

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An average millionaire reads 60 Books a year and works 80+ hours a week. But a middle class works 40 hours a week and reads 1 to 2 or 0 books a year.

But how many books do you read?

So, let's come to the point.


“People fail not because they didn’t achieve big goals but they fail because they achieve small goals.” — Warren Buffet

It means that you have to think Big.

There were two friends → Burno and Pono. Both were unemployed and were finding a job to do. One day they find an advertisement for their work. They both applied for the job and get it.

Their work was to take water from 30 Km from their workplace. Both enjoyed the work and made money.

But one day Bruno told Pono that what if we make a pipeline. It will help us make money even after we die. But Pono Rejected. Bruno insisted on making a pipeline but Pono said that I will think of a present only.

Bruno spend 75% of his time making the pipeline but Pono did the same work. Pono became rich but Bruno became poor as his earnings were reduced.

But wait ! now the twist comes. A pipeline was made. Now the money that Pono made in 5 years, Bruno made in 3 months.


You must be wondering. What!!!!

But this is the truth that only mental people become rich as they are the ones who take knowledge.

The smartest person lives in a mental hospital.

So what you want to be.

Thanks for reading the blog.

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