How to increase willpower: 3 best ways with ease

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When Muhammad Ali was asked what is important: 'will' or 'skill'. Everyone was shocked to listen that he said 'will' is important. When he was asked why he favored 'will'. He said when I fall off in a boxing ring. My skills made me fall. But my 'will' wake me up.


The best secret for willpower is to not target it. You may be shocked but you have to target Desire.

will power can only give you energy in short term but Burning Desire can give you energy in the long term. — Vivek Bindra


This point is here because you will always use willpower for doing some task.

But if you don’t know what to do. What is the point of ‘willpower’.

5️⃣5 second Rule

I have covered this rule in my previous blog.

Will power is only usable in short term. But for the long term, you have to have a burning desire

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