Why do people fail

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You have would have realized that people fail because of these 4 main reasons.

📔Half Knowledge

It’s better not to have Knowledge rather than having half Knowledge.

Eg: You would have realized that no blinded man had an accident but few people with eyes had.

👀Lack of Environment

If you think about why did Bill Gates did so well.

The answer is Environment.

But, it doesn’t mean you cannot change the environment.

You can change it. Change it!

🔔Lack of Belief

Attitude is most important for SUCCESS.

Attitude is created by beliefs.

Make them Good!

You can make them good by watching and listening to Successful People.

Some Book → https://amzn.to/3GWKVsv

🏫Lack of Mentors

This is most important.

If you have all three but didn’t have this one, you will not grow.

But if you have it but not the 1,2,3 then you will have them quickly.


In the end, have mentors!