5 money mistakes: Reading this can save you

Uploaded 6 months ago

You may have read many financial books but in this blog, you will find the most important mistakes that you should avoid.

🪙Taking a lot of Loans

We think we can pay later but our mind puts a lot of stress on us that may decrease our happiness.

📈Investing in illiquid assets instead of liquid assets

I think that illiquid assets (Eg startup, real estate) are good for growing money.

But after reading ‘Do Epic Shit’. My thought was changed to liquid assets. (Eg stocks and gold)

But invest in yourself first🥇.

🐷Not started saving from today

We think it’s time to enjoy. But, you will regret this choice.

Money compounds. So, please start saving from today.

🏦Only saving in the bank

You will think this point is ridiculous but you should see the calculation first.

Inflation rate = 6.00%
Interest rate on fd = 4.00%

Money will lose its value by 2.00% EVERY YEAR. This means your $100 will decrease to $98 every year.

📈Investing with the trend

You may have got bitcoin. I also did but it didn’t help me to grow.

Follow yourself and Best investors. Not the trend.