How to be Energetic: Energy Model

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The major problem in today’s problem is Energy. But here we are for solving problems. Before doing different things for increasing energy. We have to understand how energy comes.

⛈️ Energy Model

Energy varies from person to person. (energy model)

🧠 Memory-Driven Person

This kind of person has the lowest energy to do something. This constitutes many old people or negative people.

What they think, and do

  • 40% → Thinking Past
  • 30% → Thinking Present
  • 30% → Thinking Future

You can also call this person “No Dreamer”.

📺 Reality Driven People

This kind of person has a medium level of energy. This constitutes Labour work or people in getting Quick Rich.

  • 10% → Thinking Past
  • 70% → Thinking Present
  • 20% → Thinking Future

💭 Dream Driven Person

These are the most efficient, effective, and energetic people. This includes “Elon Musk”.

  • 10% → Thinking Past
  • 30% → Thinking Present
  • 60% → Thinking Future

I hope, you got the answer. Thanks for reading this blog.

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