5 Mistakes you do in your 20’s which ruin your life.

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Your future can be Successful if you take steps today for avoiding mistakes that will ruin your life.

“You don’t create your future but your habits do.”

1️⃣Not choosing the correct company

“You are an average of 5 people you spend time with.”

🤔 Which company is right for me?

The company in which you feel like growing and having a feeling of being Successful.

🦄 Can I spend time Digitally?

Yeap, you can.

For eg: I am in a company with Sonu Sharma, Harshvarhdan Jain, Digitally.

2️⃣Being Comfortable

Did you ever think why today’s billionaires regretted their life?

Because they were enjoying doing the things that help them to Grow.

For eg: Warren Buffet had started at age of 10 years.

“If you choose being comfortable, your life will get uncomfortable and if you choose being uncomfortable your life gets comfortable”

3️⃣ Not Reading Books 📔

Do you know that if you read Books (12 Books in a year), your chances of being Successful increase by 120%?

But if you choose to watch TV (normal TV 📺shows). You end up decreasing your chances of Being Successful by 80%.

🦄 But I don’t have time to read Books?

Read them while you are in your washroom.

🤔 How do I start?

Just read for 2 minutes (1 paragraph). Then increase it by Time.

4️⃣ Chasing money not Identity

“Money making is easy but keeping making money is difficult”

One child came to Steve Jobs and said that he wanted to open a company. Steve curiously asked why he wanted to open a company. The boy answered by saying that he wanted to make money.

Steve Jobs just spoke a line “Don’t open a company for making money, as it is very hard. Just open a company to solve the problems of People by Heart ❣️”

🦄 Please explain it a bit

I wanted to say that money comes to those who solve problems (for eg: Elon Musk). Not to those who wanna just to make money.

🤔 But what about Warren Buffet

He deserves it because he spends time taking information about Companies by which he wanna make money.

5️⃣Blaming Others

If you blame others, you give your controls to others.

🤔 How do I not blame others?

Take 100% ownership.

Thanks for reading this blog. By the way, this blog has been inspired by ‘Do Epic Shit’