Why Respect Women: Success

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All your life, you would have learned that you should respect women. But have you ever been informed that why you should do that? So this blog will tell you that what is the need to respect women and what happens if you don’t.

👑 Success

Napolean Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ has mentioned that most of the Successful man (probably all) has been inspired by women.

This sounds ridiculous but it is the truth. Then your question would be, what about those who see porn, they are also influenced by women.

Yes👌, you are right but there’s a big difference between like and love.

🤔 Answer

One day, Swami Vivekananda was asked what is the difference between like and love. They said that if you like a rose, then you’ll take out from the soil and put it in your pocket. But if you love a rose, you will take care of it.

The same applies here. Most people just like girls(Porn) but do not love only one.


When Albert Einstein was a small kid. One day, he got a letter from his School. He got to the house and give it to his mother.

His mother was having tears after reading. Albert asked her why did she had tears. She replied, “Your school says that you are a genius and your school teachers are not capable of teaching you.” Her mother said that Albert will not go to school afterward.

After many years. After the death of his mother. He found that same letter. He was astonished and started crying after reading the letter.

The letter was “Your child Albert is dumb and we are not gonna teach him from now. Please don’t send your child to school.”

I think you got the ANSWER.

⚠️ Consequences

Do you know Napolean Bonaparte? He was the director of France. He was inspired by his first wife Joseph.

In 1814, he aside his first wife. That was a mistake as he started declining and eventually, in 1815, the war of waterloo happened. He was no more the dictator of France.

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