How does our Brain works: How to be Happy

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Most of you (reading this blog) must be thinking of changing your lives by just a few steps. So, we made this blog for you, so that you change yours too.

🤯 Experiment

One man has to be hanged because of his crime. But one scientist conducted a very astonishing experiment as he convinced the criminal to die with a cobra bite instead of hanging.

The scientist told the criminal that he would not feel pain and he will die in 1 sec when the cobra bites him.

On the day of punishment, the man was shown cobra and his face was covered with a snake. Then after some time, scientists took away the cobra and brought a needle, and pinched the criminal.

Shocking, the criminal died at the moment. But after the postmortem report has been received. The reports show that the criminal was full of cobra Poison.

By this experiment, you would have observed that how your mind can change your life by just a belief.

So, if you want to change your life from a failure to success then you can feed good beliefs in your mind.

🤔 How to do that

You can change your beliefs by just listening, reading, and viewing good things. For eg: Seeing motivational videos of Successful People.

Thanks for reading this blog. This content is inspired by Harshvardhan Jain.