How to be Productive: 5 steps

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Have you ever been in a situation where you regret that you must have been productive? So this blog will tell you how to do that.

⚠️ Causes of Unproductiveness

  1. Not planned at night
  2. Not enough Sleep
  3. Do less important tasks first
  4. Didn’t focus on one task
  5. Didn’t get productive for many days

So, here we are to tell you the solution for all of these causes.

🌃 Night Planning

You should always have a plan at night. This helps you to boost the fresh hours of your morning in executing plans.

If you don’t spend time at night planning your day, then you have to spend your most productive hours (morning hours) planning tasks rather than executing them.

🛌 Having Enough Sleep

Your sleep plays an important factor in your productiveness.

Both less or more sleep can disturb your productiveness.

If you have a habit of afternoon naps, then you can only take it for 15 minutes at most.

📝 Prioritize your Tasks

When planning the day, you should prioritize the tasks you want to do as:

Important work: That are to be done at any cost.

Less Important Work: Can be Left

Least Important Work: If having free time, then only do

⌚ Time Batching

This suggests that you only should focus on one task.

Convert your whole day into small parts and focus on one single task at a moment.

🎁 Reward Yourself

Many people spend one or two days productively but not all.

The main reason is that they didn’t reward their mind for following them.

If you reward yourself daily, then you don’t have to suffer at productivity.

🤔 How to Apply

The easiest way to apply these all steps is to apply them one by one. But the 5th step: Reward yourself should be implemented every day.

👑 Will this work

Yes, it will.

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