Types of People || 3 Types

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Have you ever thought that how you can categorize people and become the Best one? So this blog will tell you about that only.

👑 Why Know

It is important to know which kind of person you are and what to do for improvement.

👨‍🤝‍👩 3 Types of People:

😵 Confused

This category constitutes 80% of the People, which don’t know what to do in life.

😤 Frustrated

This category constitutes 15% of the people who know what to do but never take action.

🪴 Growing People

This category constitutes 5% of the people who know what to do and they also take action.

🤔 How can I be in Growing People?

If you are confused type but want to be in the growing type, you can use the Ikigai technique.

If you are in frustrated type but want to be in the growing type, you can simply Read Books and listen to Successful People.Harshvardhan Jain.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope this blog will help you to be Successful. By the way, this blog is inspired by Harshvardhan Jain.