How to do things faster: Time Allocation

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Have you ever done things but couldn’t manage them to do. This blog is written for you to understand Time Allocation. By the way, some part of this education has been taken from The Psychology of Money and Ankur Warikoo.

⌚ What is Time Allocation

Time Allocation in simple meaning, calculating the correct period to do the things.

🤔 Why use Time Allocation

If you are wondering if you calculate the correct period but are still not able to do things fast.

I share the truth. For eg: “If I go to a market and find vegetables to be $0.3 expensive and then go far ahead, spending my 1 hour to buy that vegetable at the price I want. And at the last, if I say that I have saved $0.3.”

You would see me as a fool 😁 but most people are doing the same in most situations. They save money but waste Time.

Example 2: If I watch Netflix for 1.5 hours daily for a month you just do not pay their subscription fees. You are wasting your precious time.

🙋‍♂️ How to use Time Allocation

The best way to understand and calculate your Time. You can analyze your work done or by reading this example 👇:

For eg: “If I think I have 4 days for practicing for my cycling race. But actually, if I spend 4 hours daily cycling. In the end, I just have 16 hours for my cycle practice.”

⛑️ How does it Help

This helps you to avoid Parkinson’s Law 👇 --