How do things fast: Parkinson’s Law

Uploaded 7 months ago

Have you thought of doing things in time? This blog is for you as it will teach you, how to use Parkinson’s law for time management.

⚖️ What is Parkinson’s Law

One scientist name Parkinsons has made this law. This law suggests that work is stretched to fit the time.

“Time you have is directly proportional more time to do a thing”

⚒️ For Example

If I tell you to make notes of this blog in 10 years, you will stretch the work and you will complete it in 10 years. But is this work takes 10 years to complete?

No, it doesn’t. But the mind does the things with less focus if it gets much time.

🤔 How to prevent This

You can simply avoid this giving less time to things. Or, you can also use Time Allocation for this matter.

🤔 Will these work

Yeap, but these methods ☝️are not the only methods.

You can use many more methods to prevent this.

Thanks for reading this blog.