How 5% of the people Succeed

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Have you ever thought about how only 5% of people Succeed? You can also Succeed by reading this blog. You will learn the fundamentals that only 5% of people know (Success Principle).

📔 Story of Wright Brothers

Have you listened about the Wright brothers, many(almost all) of you would have listened. But do you know about Samuel Prepond Lingle? Almost all of you would not have listened to them.

He was passed out from Harvard University(engineering) and was funded by the US government. He also was making a flying machine with the engineering team.

But a few miles away, with no funding, with no engineering team and degree. Two brothers(Wright Brothers) were able to make a flying machine.

👑 Success Principle

Few people know how to do the work but only very few people know why to do the work.

If you choose to be successful, you must know why you are doing the work.

🤔 Will this Work

Yeap, 100% it will work because it is fundamental. Whenever you feel like giving away, just remember, why you started the work.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you will also be Successful in the future. By the way, this blog is inspired by Sonu Sharma.