How to achieve Goals faster?

Uploaded 7 months ago

Have you ever made goals but were not been able to achieve them then this blog is for you. This blog will tell you how you can effectively achieve your goals. This content is inspired by Atomic Habits.

😊 Way to Achieve

The best way to achieve goals is to not aim for goals but for changing your identity. For eg: If I say I want to finish this book. Rather, I should aim for becoming a Reader.

🤔 Why aim for Identity

Aiming for Identity because if you will be able to achieve your goals, you may stuck there and never move again. But changing Identity lets you move forever.

⚒️ Will this work

Yeap, this will work as it works for many people (almost all). So, you should aim for achieving your best Identity.

“Goals are finite but Identity is Inifinite.”

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