Science of Luck • How to be Lucky

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Have 🤔 you ever thought Lucky man only gets everything? But you haven’t heard how does luck works.

🧪 Experiment

Richard Wiseman experimented in America. He announces who so ever thinks that he is Lucky or Unlucky, can come to the experiment. People from different professions come to the experiment.

All people decided whether are they lucky or unlucky. Then, all people were newspaper and were asked to count the images in the newspaper.

Results were amazing, man who decided they were lucky counted in 5 seconds but the people who decided that they were unlucky, took 5 mins. Because on the second pages, it was mentioned that there were 52 images.

🤞 How to change our Luck?

Smart work +Believe in yourself = Luck

Thank you for reading this blog. By the way, this content is inspired by Harshvardhan Jain.