How to stay Happy?

SpritualUploaded 7 months ago

Have you ever been depressed and wanted to be happy or do you want to be happy in your life? This blog will tell you how you can be happy in any situation.

😀 Why be Happy?

It seems to be a silly question but if you know why to be happy. Your chances to be Happy Increase. If you want to be successful then you have to be happy 24/7. For eg: Bill Gates, Thomas Edison.

🎁 Be in the Present

This is Great to be Happy in any situation. You must accept your situation and find ways to get out of it(if you are not feeling Happy There).

This has to be kept in mind that you have to see situations as if they make you happy in the future. For eg: Exercise will make me sad while the process but in the future will make me happy.

📔 Example

One day, Thomes Edison was sleeping in his home. His factory get fire and his friends called him and tell the news. Unexceptly, he was laughing watching this scene. He said that the factory was burnt, so it's better to accept the situation.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you have learned how to be happy 24/7. This blog’s content has been inspired by Harshvandhan Jain.