What is 2 Minutes Rule?

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Have you ever made a try to make a habit but didn’t get any results out of it even with lots of effort. This blog will help you to make hard habits like exercising, with very little effort.

😀Making Habits as easy as possible

If you start a new habit, make sure it doesn’t feel like a challenge. The First 2 minutes of the habit should be very easy so that your mind doesn’t procrastinate to do it.

For example: If you want to run a marathon, you should not think about the whole marathon but for only tying up shoes.

  1. Running marathon → Tying shoes.
  2. Reading a whole Book → Read one Para
  3. Study for my class → Open my Notes

✅ The rest will follow

After 2 mins of starting a habit, you can change it to hard or medium. Because of easiness in the first 2 mins, your mind will not say “I don’t wanna do it”.

“Your habit can only last 120 seconds”

🤔 Why it works

This rule works because it tells your mind to start the habit. This helps to make sure that you are changing your identity, rather than focusing on hard habits.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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