What is the 5 Second Rule?

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Have you ever procrastinated or made a decision but didn't work for that. So, this blog will tell you the ways by which you control your mind and take Action.

This content has been made after reading The 5 second rule book and watching videos for this topic.

🤔 What is this Rule?

The rule suggests that if you want to make decisions and follow them. You can just count backward from 5 to 1.

👓 How this helps us?

This rule makes your mind do things rather than avoid that. For Eg: If I want to go to a gym, I can say 5,4,3,2,1 if I feel like not going to the gym.

Motivation vs Actions

Most people think that you have to gain motivation to do anything but, in reality, you have to take action for being motivated.


Mel Robbins, author of this book also suggests that most of the time most people make decisions about what are they feeling (emotions). But, smart decisions are taken by thinking of your Goals.

Where does it help us?

This rule can help in finding your inner confidence and grabbing your opportunities. Moreover, this rule also helps you to stay relaxed and to remove anxiety.

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