What is Habit Stacking?

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Have you ever ever thought of your Habits in a Sequence. So, welcome guys to the blog and we will be able to learn that what and how habit stacking can help you to make new habits and analyze the current habits. This content is made after reading half of Atomic Habits book.

🤔 What is Habit Stacking?

In simple words, habits stack in a sequence of Habits. For Example:

Wake Up --> Brush && Bath --> Reading Book


If you manage to put Habit Stacking in your plan, then you’ll be a master in making habits.

For Example:

We can use this formula:-I will [X] after [Y].[X] -- The habit to be made && [Y] -- The current Habit.

📝 Framework

Thank you guys, for reading this blog. I hope you will be able to make new Good Habits.

Book Link -- https://amzn.to/33lqVRk